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                                                          Shanghai Fargo Translation Co.,Ltd.
Shanghai Fargo Translation Co., Ltd., a translation company specialized in providing high-quality legal translation services, is a long term partner of our clients, including lawyers handling foreign-related legal affairs, enterprises and investors. We develop jointly with our clients through creating values to them.
Our aim is to seeking perfection in the field of legal translation and becoming the number one legal translation company in the world.    
We cooperate with a large number of legal firms, including more than 20 international law firms and 6 of the 8 largest domestic law firms in China. We also provide high-quality services to many first-tier international companies, domestic companies, banks, securities companies and investment companies.
We sincerely believe that “accuracy is the key to translation” and that “quality is life”. As such, we even attach greater importance to quality than our clients do. 
We maintain mature internal translation procedures. Most draft translations are reviewed by senior translators who have studied abroad and have more than 10 years’ translation experience, by following the unique quality control procedure of “one draft translation plus three reviews”. In the meantime, we keep strict confidential our clients materials. 
After years of development, we have established professional translation teams specialized in such subdivided legal areas as investment and M&A, financial and securities, IPR, maritime, labor law and litigations. 
With commitment to quality, confidentiality and responsibility, we look forward to serving you and creating values to our clients and the society through joint efforts with you. 


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